dark souls 2 tank build

Right Hand 1: Greatsword Use the Fireball, Fire Orb and Great Fireball spells to deal good damage to certain bosses. There is TEN Intelligence as I found that, early on, having the Hex Resonant Soul was very helpful in some early bosses [Scorpioness Najka and The Rotten for example] due to the fact you really don't want to try and tank those two until you have more heavily upgraded gear. Do not attempt to trade with Magic Crystal Weapon. The Last Monarch (Str Tank/Pyro Utility) Dasvel. Do not attempt to trade with Magic Crystal Weapon. Suitable for NG+ and against bosses. Anything (I usually choose healing wares or human effigy), This Class was my First and Last. 3/26/2014 in Dark Souls II Is Tanking a more viable strategy in DS2 Just wanted to know what From Software was on about when they said Dark Souls 2 is supposed to be more accessible, does this mean that the heavy armour and tower shield combo for pve will actually be … Increase your faith early on in the game to use this weapon. Spells can be doubled up, too, depending on what you like to use. Description. When you have arrived in the endgame get the, s: Take what ever Rings you prefer, although i suggest using the, : Use what you feel comfortable with. Build Name: Titanic Monarch; Starting Class: Warrior/Knight; Starting Gift: Any; Build Focus: PvE . 1. This build will serve you admirably if you, too, seek hand-to-hand combat, and it has powerful pyromancies for those enemies (or players) who are especially resistant to melee. You will want to give up. If you dislike then please continue scrolling down. You need the DLC crown of the old iron king, and a helpful friend who will give you his Majestic greatsword as well. this mainly for: initial strike, and luring out enemies 1 by 1. This character will not reach her full potential until late game, or at least until after delving into some harder areas. Covenant of Champions for ring(Martial Arts). Please note that if you want extra speed pick up a Katana of any kind and use that fully upgraded, with Fire imbune it slays all. PVE: Onikiri and Ubadachi. Adaptability: Up to you, does increase invincibility frames for rolling, and speeds up the animations for consumables. Step 4: Infuse RITB to Lightning. PC Xbox 360. Attunement is an essential stat if you're going to be a sorcerer, pyromancer or cleric. Right hand: Chime(any)/Mace(Preferably upgraded), Left hand: Shield of your choice (90-100% Physical defense)/Pyromancy hand, Use light armor/clothing to stay below 70% of your total carry weight (so you can roll well) and avoid over-loading. Still a work in progress but with good dodge skills this build is very powerful and agile with the Med armor. Elite Knight Set (for heavier more stable armor). When possible I should invest in weapon buff spells. Stats:VGR: 26END: 17VIT: 30ATN: *base*STR: 45DEX: 40ADP: 32INT: *base*FTH: base, Armor:Head: Dark MaskBody: King's ArmorGloves: Havel's GauntletsLeggngs: Havel's Leggings, Rings:Chloranthy Ring +1Ring of RestorationThird Dragon RingSituational ring slot. You can always swap the shield for a Drangleic Shield, but I like this one more. Make sure not to get too much in these three stats because you will want to get strength and dex later for your own weapon of choice, use any armor that suits your play style... A low weight, low poise "ranger" character wielding a Longsword, A Longbow and an Iron Parma. Armor: Head - Manikin Mask + 10, Chest - Alonne Knight Armor + 10, Arms - Engraved Gauntlets + 5, Legs - Drangleic Leggings + 5. You can of course skip the 3 points I put in VIT and put them in VGR instead. It is not the strongest build I made but I found it pretty fun and, still, pretty strong. Early. INT: Not really important unless you want to use hexes later on. Yo, would by progressing past where you first found Licia and into, but you will also find the Pyromancer flame. But once you hit high-level PvP, they just aren't viable. +10+Lightning(Very effective with Dragonslayers spear, and heavenly bolt). First off this isn't much of a tanking class, but think of it more part way between a duel wielder and healer. The key to the Knight Solaire build is having high levels of faith, vitality, and endurance. : If you want to use a Shield, go with the, early on, its worth the strength and you will be getting strength anyway to dualwield stuff. I like Tons of damage and heavy weapons*, DEX : 20 *For wielding most of the weapons and good for some weapon early game*, ADP : 9 *Nope , nope , nope. ), Hunter's Blackbow +10 (Equip poison arrows). If you don't want to increase your soul memory use agape ring or use chlornthy ring +2 for fast attacks. This class should stay at a range and use ranged spells, and bows, until the player deems it right to go in and attack with melee, This build focus's more on poison and watching your opponent's health slowly dwindle down, This is not a beginner build. Less focus on timing. so pick one of the weapons and power stance. Starting class isn't the most relevant thing here because i found the best way to start out is always to just aim for 20's across the board and then respec, either way this build as a PVE has an immense damage output, if you combine the high faith along with a Throne Defender Great-sword which has been infused with a bolt stone you get a massive S scaling in faith and an almost pure lightning damage weapon that pierces almost any defense in the game, combine this with the dragon chime and its S faith scaling and you will tear any opponent up.

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