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They soon surround the buffalo and the two lions. Plot. Chapter 1:Cubs are born. Oct 16, 2015 - A Tale of Two Brothers is a book inspired by The Lion King. Rafiki begins to suspect that there's more to these creatures than meets the eye. At first Taka is angry, but then softens up. She didn't know where Taka was. It belongs to their rightful owners. Compra A Tale of Two Brothers (Disney's The Lion King) (Disney's The Lion King). Ahadi tells him that it will remind him of how reckless he had been. Ahadi promises to take care of them later, but is interrupted by the ostrich. When he finally arrives, Mufasa is nowhere to be seen, even though Rafiki can still smell his scent on the breeze. It ended up that the log was in front of a ravine, and Mufasa is able to clear the ravine in a single jump. Mufasa agrees, then turns to talk to a pacing leopard. Confused, Mufasa looks out into the distance and sees Taka rolling on the ground in laughter. Both Banzai and Ed agree with her. But Mufasa tells Taka to leave Rafiki alone. But Kopa once more whispers that Simba had promised. Rafiki replies by saying that he was seeking knowledge, and studying the African land. A large cape buffalo is standing in the middle of the pool, and Mufasa, who is at the side of the pool, is creeping towards him. As Taka corners them against a tree, Shenzi tries to cover herself up by reminding Taka that Ahadi always treated Mufasa as his favorite, Banzai agreeing with her. Sen on kirjoittanut Alex Simmons, ja … Rafiki then overhears Mufasa asking Taka if he's ready to hunt. ENJOY THE VIDEO !!! He then begins to race back towards Pride Rock, Rafiki still following him. But then, a sudden change comes over Taka and he turns to Mufasa. But the baboon surprises Simba by saying that he agreed with Kopa, since great kingdoms had suffered because of broken promises. Relatives of the King is a fanfiction series by SammyChance, acting as a different version/retelling ofA Tale of Two Brothers. Taka says that he was already going to take care of that by going hunting with Mufasa and bringing back more game, showing that Mufasa wasn't perfect. View and submit fan casting suggestions for The Lion King: A Tale Of Two Brothers! Ahadi, the Lion King, loved both his sons, Mufasa and Scar. A Tale of Two Brothers is written by Alex Simmons and is the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures.. Rafiki is worried that Mufasa wouldn't make the jump over the log, but the young lion is confident, and makes the jump easily. He then looks deep into the cobra's eyes, filling his head with calm, friendly thoughts. Ahadi then comes forward and asks what Rafiki was doing in the Pridelands. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Going back to Kopa, the young prince is appalled at the story. Simba continues by saying that he was reminded of how much had gone into the making of the Pridelands, and how important loved ones were. Disney's The Lion King A Tale of Two Brothers book. A Tale Of Two Brothers Disneys The Lion King Disneys related files: ed42b1b79aa64212ad721bd07bde3d46 Powered by TCPDF ( 1 / 1 Kertomus kahdesta veljeksestä) on ensimmäinen kirja The Lion King: Six New Adventures -sarjasta. Simba, Nala, and Zazu all immediately know that Rafiki is talking about Simba's uncle Scar, the tyrannical lion who had murdered Simba's father, Mufasa. This is the talk page for the A Tale of Two Brothers article. Taka seems angry at this, but Shenzi tells him that he should get even with Mufasa, and have revenge. When he opens his eyes, he comes face-to-face with a spitting cobra. The protesting gets louder until Ahadi roars to command silence. He tells them to not be so dramatic and comes over to join them. Zazu then states proudly that his mother, Zuzu, was right when she said that her family would be proud, and that her whole family was so honored to be given the position. Rafiki finds that Taka had suffered no broken bones, but had a serious injury on his face. A TALE OF TWO BROTHERS. Mufasa veers to the left, sliding down a hill and into a rock formation, with Rafiki and Boma following close behind. But Ahadi says that that would have to wait. The cape buffalo eyes them coldly as they approach. But then he remembers Zuzu. Ahadi and Rafiki talk all day, and when night falls, Ahadi offers Rafiki a place to sleep. Rafiki quickly finds their trail and begins to follow it. The hyenas are just as enthusiastic about it. He then says that if Boma does not listen to Mufasa, he'll have to face him in combat. While Ahadi is king, a terrible drought seizes the Pride Lands. As he leaves, Zuzu comments on how brave he was. The three soon wander off, and Rafiki hurries back to Pride Rock to tell Ahadi of the hyenas' ambitions. King Ahadi walked about worrying about his wife,Queen Uru. Instead, the enemy had a scar down the side of his left cheek. But as his thoughts keep whirling away, he loses concentration on his surroundings, and as he swings from the trees, a limb cracks and he falls to the ground, blacking out! Rafiki becomes suspicious of Taka, but Mufasa accepts his offer. Boma is a male cape buffalo. And not until the crisis had subsided. As Kopa approaches her, she asks him if he had had fun playing with Pimbi. ... Two And A Half Men (If It Was Made Today) Story with 9 roles. She was expecting a cub or cubs. But Rafiki was still worried that Taka had covered a great distance, and that Rafiki would never be able to find him now. Rafiki then urges her to find the king and tell him to search for his sons. Simba nuzzles Kopa, then turns to Zazu and Rafiki, asking them if there was anything they could do about the water crisis. But Nala just licks him, saying that she can see anything that moves on the plain from the top of Pride Rock. Director: Doug Walker | Stars: Doug Walker, Walter Banasiak, Buster, Tamara Chambers. A Tale of Two Brothers (suom. Buy A Tale of Two Brothers (Disney's The Lion King) by (ISBN: 9780717283484) from Amazon's Book Store., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Mufasa was older and would someday be king… Rafiki then says that it rained a few days later, ending the drought. He asks to be called Scar from then on, as another reminder of his terrible decision. This space is used to discuss improvements to the article, not the topic in question. Taka begins circling Rafiki and says that they should have let the hyenas eat the baboon, even though his meat was probably stringy, even for a lion. Rafiki thinks about Taka's scheme with the snake and the look of hate he had seen in his eyes as he talked about revenge. Rafiki asks Mufasa what he's doing, and Mufasa says that he is trying to help his father by asking Boma, the cape buffalo, to share the water with the other animals. A Tale of Two Brothers is the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. But as he runs, Rafiki can feel the cape buffalo gaining on him. Rafiki then comes to stand beside Ahadi, who demands to know why the buffalo had attacked his sons. Mufasa, appalled, asks Rafiki how he had down that. Boma, however, having no clue about the ravine, falls in with a loud crash. pinterest- Animation Source- Lion-king-priderock-Home- pinterest. A Tale of Two Brothers is written by Alex Simmons and is the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. As time went on, Scar grew jealous of Mufasa. Angry and vengeful, Scar made his own promise: One day he would rule the Pride Lands. Upon turning around, he sees three grinning hyenas racing towards him. Ahadi chides the hyenas, telling them that they had already eaten and that it was against the rules of the Pridelands to hunt for sport. Kopa, the prince of Pride Rock, is playing with his friend, Pimbi, when he remembers that his father, Simba, had promised to take him to the summit of Pride Rock that morning. All the animals are complaining about the shortage of water and food. Kopa just responds by saying, "creepy". com- sauu211-Deviantart -es.pinterest.comP.S. But Taka begins complaining that "daddy's favorite" always got more attention. Rafiki says that he slept fine, and is often undisturbed when sleeping. The animals protest that it doesn't matter who the king was if the whole land was starving. It was published by Grolier Books in 1994 as the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. Finally, Taka stops at a dried up watering hole. But soon things get down to business, and Taka tells the three that Ahadi was looking for them, warning them to lay low. Many Pride Landers come before Ahadi to complain about the … She then comments on how Rafiki looked terrible. Rafiki worries over how far Taka would go to get revenge on his brother. During a horrific drought, a jealous Taka attempts to make Mufasa look bad in front of their father, Ahadi. Not stalking him, but just being cautious. A Shakespearean tale of two brothers, each carving out drastically different lifestyles in modern-day Atlanta. Banzai sighs, and says that he wishes it wouldn't be so hot around the Pridelands. "The baby is kicking! Fan Casting The Lion King: The Tale of Taka and Mufasa The story before Simba was born ... Mufasa and Taka (Scar) were not always enemies they used to be friends and brothers until Mufasa was announced king and made Taka jealous of his brother in his Teen years. Ed just snickers. Looking down, he sees the same three hyenas who had cornered him earlier. Taka seems to like Shenzi's idea, and tries to think up a good way to make Mufasa look bad. But Mufasa thinks it odd that a snake had come onto the ledge, since they usually stayed above and rarely ever came out at night. He uses the trees to his advantage, and swings from branch to branch. Simba turns to Rafiki and asks the baboon to explain Simba's responsibilities to the young cub. But Ahadi reminds Taka that a king had great responsibilities, and that Mufasa seemed to understand these things. He then says that promises were important as well. ^^ Kopa gets excited and asks if the enemy was "a hairy giant with purple eyes", but Rafiki says no. He tells the desperate animals that he will take care of the hyenas, and that Uru was out searching for a new water source, and that they would all have to be patient until she returned. Going back to Kopa, the young cub asks if the snake bit Rafiki, but Rafiki says it did not, and only spit at him. He had always lived alone! Kopa tells Rafiki that it was an amazing story....and that his great-uncle Scar had been a "real creep". He opens his eyes and finds Zuzu standing over him. Rafiki responds by saying that he had learned the trick from an old baboon who had lived in his former home, Grass Walls. He tells Ahadi that he had an herb pouch back at Pride Rock, and Ahadi suggests taking Taka home. But when he returns, Ahadi is facing a crowd of shouting giraffes, zebras, warthogs, and other African animals. Rafiki runs down the hill and joins Mufasa at the edge of the pool. Simba was going to show Kopa the Pridelands from the top of Pride Rock! Shenzi continues by saying that Ahadi always spoiled their fun. The snake begins to sway from side-to-side, then slithers away down the side of the rock. Ahadi is relieved, and says that from then on, her family would serve as stewards to the kings of the Pridelands. Taka yawns, obviously bored at the prospect. But before he can say anything else, Zuzu says good-bye and flies off. Kopa, in his own defense, says that Simba was planning to give him more lessons on pouncing later, but then is reminded of something important. Rafiki looks up to see Ahadi, the lion king, glaring at the hyenas, with his two sons, Mufasa and Taka, close behind him. The baboon continues by saying that Mufasa awoke shortly after Rafiki and, after seeing the danger, begins to stand up. Rafiki, at the time, was a traveler and happened to stumble onto the Pridelands during one of his many voyages. After delivering a quick goodbye to Pimbi, Kopa hastens to Pride Rock, where he is greeted by his mother, Nala. But Taka lifts up his paw and releases his long claws, making the hyenas, who are intimidated by this threat, hastily agree with him. He suggests moving to the snowy mountains, but is quickly silenced by Shenzi and Taka, who yank at his whiskers. It was published by Grolier Books in 1994 as the first book in The Lion King: Six New Adventures. The baboon then says that he would, and accepts Ahadi's offer; but only if he would be able to go on quests from time to time to obtain more knowledge. Although many of the trees were bare, Rafiki manages to climb one and begins eating the small amount of leaves clinging to the topmost branches. myCast lets YOU choose your dream cast to play each role in upcoming movies and TV shows. But before Mufasa can respond, Taka comes up from behind Boma and roars. Mufasa warns Taka not to speak about him that way, but Taka ignores him. Simba had told Kopa that it was a tradition for the future king to be shown the Pridelands from atop Pride Rock, and that Mufasa had once shown Simba his land from the same spot. The Lion King Forum » Other Tales. The last watering hole, Rafiki realizes with a jolt. With a sigh, Simba turns back to Kopa and says that he wouldn't be able to take him up to Pride Rock that day. All three laugh.

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